Reconnecting a Disconnected Profile

Connecting Facebook and Instagram Profiles to Sprout

Message Types in the Smart Inbox

Error validating access token: The user is enrolled in a blocking, logged-in checkpoint

Issue Connecting Your Facebook Page: "It's okay to click okay."

Missing Report Data

Why can I see messages that are hidden on Facebook in the Smart Inbox?

Why do I see no results for my keyword search?

Why don't I see data in my Engagement Report?

Why don't I see the chart in the Trends Report?

Why do the links I shortened using Sprout Social look like links in Twitter?

Why is giving the same URL each time I shorten a link?

Why does my Engagement report data vary per user?

Why did my profile get disconnected?

Troubleshooting Zendesk Connection Settings

Why are my Facebook private messages showing up as Unread?

Why can't I see my Facebook profile photo in Sprout?

Why can't I see data for my Twitter profile?

Why can't I see any data for my Facebook profile?

My Facebook post says it failed due to a bug in the API

Why are duplicate tweets being sent to my Twitter account?

Troubleshooting browser issues hard refreshes and clearing your browser's cache.

Unknown Twitter error

Error 687

Your Twitter message could not be sent due to rate limits

Your Twitter message could not be sent due to an invalid or expired token.

Why Do Posts And Comments For Some Users Appear on Facebook But Not Sprout Social?

The Facebook Post has either been deleted or is no longer visible outside of

Facebook App Privacy Settings

Facebook is Preventing me From Responding to A Private Message

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