Using Case Management in Sprout

Sprout’s Case Management features help you manage interactions with your customers on social and enable care teams to provide faster, more efficient support. By using Case Management features in Sprout, you can build customer loyalty faster and easier. Use this guide to learn more about Case Management & Customer Care.

This article describes how you can use Case Management in Sprout to help empower your care teams and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Optimizing care team operations

Sprout’s automation for Case Management removes the manual effort and monotony from assigning and creating cases, ensuring that your care teams can get to work quickly, provide the right level of care and avoid disruptions.

Note: These features are only available on the Advanced Plan.

Feature Insights
Automatic case creation Leverage Sprout’s Automated Rules to automatically route cases to the right team or individual based on the criteria you decide. You can define criteria that automatically creates case and routes messages with negative brand sentiment in the Smart Inbox to the right agent.
Tagging for Cases Apply tags to cases to help you and your teams find and filter for specific cases, so you have a holistic view of message volume and priority. Set up custom Case Views to see the status of the most relevant cases.
Case statuses View Case Status and Priority to understand what customer questions are already being addressed and prioritize the most urgent cases first.

Proving ROI quickly

You can enhance the strategic importance of customer care and showcase the value of your care team to your organization with the Case Performance Report. You can share insights into the overall effectiveness of your care team through the use of and Customer Feedback Requests. These features paired together provide a great way to share monthly insights with your stakeholders about your impact on the business.

Delivering quality customer experiences

Sprout ensures you can delight your customers with fast, on-brand responses that accurately address root issues by leveraging keywords, tags and sentiment. Enhance by AI Assist, alongside Inbox message sentiment and required reply approvals elevate your care interactions with AI and automation. 

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