How do I use Enhance by AI Assist?

Give your care team the tools to become even more efficient with Sprout’s integration with OpenAI. Enhance by AI Assist lets you choose from four different stylistic tones in the Smart Inbox.

Note: This feature is available on the Advanced Plan.

You need to enable the OpenAI integration to use this feature. To enable the integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings.
  2. Select Enable OpenAI Integration.


You can use Enhance by AI Assist from the Smart Inbox. To use this feature:

  1. Navigate to the smart-inbox.png Smart Inbox.
  2. Select the message you want to respond to.
  3. Enter your text.
  4. Click helping-hand.pngEnhance by AI Assist.
  5. Select the option you want to use. You can make your text longer, shorter, friendlier or more professional in tone.
  6. You can select Discard to delete the suggestion, Try again to generate new text or Update reply to insert the suggested text into your message.

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