Issue Connecting Your Facebook Page: "It's okay to click okay."

This authorization issue is actually caused by users not clicking "Okay" or "Accept" for all steps during the profile connection process. Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

1. Open this link in another tab in the same browser you're using to access Sprout:
2. Locate Sprout Social in your list of authorized business applications and remove it entirely. 
3. Go back to Sprout and try to re-add your page again. You must grant Sprout all permissions requested or you will end up at the same re-authorization loop.

Why do I need to grant Sprout all these permissions?

Although it is showing permissions for your personal page, you will be able to specify which profiles get added in the last step. In other words, when you authorize photo access, you are authorizing it for your company page.

Sprout will never publish anything to any of your Facebook profiles or Pages, aside from the content you create and publish using Sprout yourself.

If the issue persists, please contact

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