YouTube reporting features

You can measure your YouTube publishing and engagement performance with Sprout. This overview provides context for the metrics and reporting features available for YouTube.

This article includes the following sections:

What metrics are available for YouTube?

YouTube metrics are available at the Profile and Post level. 

  • Profile metrics include Audience Gained, Audience Lost, Net Audience Growth and Total Audience. Backfill data is available for the last 30 days for Audience Gained, Audience Lost and Net Audience Growth. Sprout does not provide backfills for Total Audience. These metrics are updated daily.
  • Post metrics include backfill data for the last 30 days. These metrics are updated daily.
  • This article includes more information about reporting data availability.

To learn more about organic vs. paid data in Reports, read this overview.

What reporting features are available for YouTube?

Sprout offers the YouTube Videos Report specifically for YouTube.

Additionally, YouTube reporting and data are available in the following cross-network reports:

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