How do I use Generate by AI Assist?

You must be the account owner to enable OpenAI Integrations and use this feature.

Generate by AI Assist uses Sprout's integration with OpenAI to generate alt text suggestions to increase the accessibility of your image-focused posts. 

How do I enable OpenAI?

To enable the integration:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account Settings > Open AI Integration.
  2. Toggle Enable OpenAI Integration on.


How do I generate alt text using Generate by AI Assist?

To generate alt text within Compose:

  1. Use the Profile Picker to select the networks you want to publish to.
  2. Add an image to your post.
  3. Click the Add Alt Text link below the image.add_alt_text_link.png
  4.  Click generate_icon.pngin the alt text box on the right.
  5. Click Use Text to insert the generated text or click regenerate_alt_text.png to have AI Assist create different alt text.
  6. Click Save when you're happy with the generated alt text.

2024-05-08 13.25.49.gif


Why don't I see the Generate button?

Double check that your account has OpenAI Integrations ENABLED.  Accounts with this disabled won't see any AI features including the Generate button for alt text.

Is any data shared outside of Sprout with 3rd parties?

Yes, if you click the Generate button, the photo is shared with OpenAI. If you don't want any data shared with OpenAI, you can disable all OpenAI features with the toggle in settings.  For more details, see:

Learn more about the importance of digital inclusivity with this Arb webinar recording: Elevate Your Impact: Fostering Inclusion Through Content.  Scroll down in the post to find the recording.

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