April 2024

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April 2, 2024

Better manage user profiles with Bulk Actions to update permissions to Groups and Profiles with less clicks

Use the Roles and Team Members page to bulk update access to Groups and Social Profiles at once. Plus, Sprout safeguards you so that all Team Members are accounted for  so you can feel secure knowing you’re giving and revoking access where you need it.

Note: This feature is available in Sprout on a rolling basis. Once this feature is enabled for your account, you will see the bulk actions become available.

Learn more about the bulk actions available for permissions with this how-to

April 2, 2024

Share deeper Listening insights with your stakeholders using the Word Cloud widget for My Reports

Now all My Reports customers that have both Listening and Premium Analytics can add the Word Cloud widget when building out reports. The Word Cloud helps to visualize the top keywords, hashtags, mentions and emojis within a Listening Topic to provide insight on what is dominating social conversations.


Learn more about using My Reports in this section

April 10, 2024

Allow more users to manage VIP lists without granting additional permissions

Now all Sprout users can add and remove individual members of VIP Lists without requiring the Manage Advanced Inbox permission. Originally, in order to add and remove members of these lists required an enhanced permission set. Note that you still need Manage Advanced Inbox to create, delete and bulk add to VIP lists but all Smart Inbox users can add and remove individual members.

Learn more about VIP lists with this overview.

April 11, 2024

Increase efficiencies with enhanced Case management features 

Manage Cases with less clicks and better visibility with Sprout's updated Case management features. Now you can quickly assign a Case to yourself in one click, see a Case counter with a visual breakdown of open and on hold cases and Cases automatically get assigned to you if you reply to an open Case. Plus, if you use Automated Rules to create Cases any text you enter gets auto-completed if you click outside the text box.


Learn more about managing Cases in Sprout with this how-to.

April 15, 2024

Distinguish internal comments left on Cases with new highlighting

Now internal comments on Cases are highlighted in yellow throughout Sprout. When you go to leave an internal comment to a team member, not only is the internal comment box highlighted in yellow, but all internal comments left on the Case are also highlighted in yellow to better distinguish them from replies.


Learn more about team collaboration and activities you can take on Cases with this how-to.

April 17, 2024

Get more insight with VIP List actions now included in Audit Trail Logs

Now when you download the Audit Trail Logs from Sprout, you can view when users update, edit or add and remove members from VIP Lists with new events logged in the table.

Learn more about Audit Trail Logs with this how-to.

April 17, 2024

Manage more roles and permissions in Sprout with the introduction of the Super Admin

With the new Super Admin role pre-set role, you won’t need to maintain specific additional roles in Sprout or rely on Support to assist with access.

You can more quickly onboard Super Admins, eliminate the need to manage more custom roles and eliminate bottlenecks to ensure your teams are working efficiently with the right access. Learn more about this role with this overview.

April 17, 2024

Further customize My Reports with Annotation widgets and widget descriptions

Now you can erase widget descriptions in My Reports so you can remove irrelevant information and keep focus on the most important information.


Plus, the default Notes title for Annotation widgets now automatically updates to the first 50 characters in the first line of the widget so you can clearly see at-a-glance which widgets you're moving. 


Learn more about leveraging My Reports with this overview.

April 19, 2024

Reduce the noise in Salesforce Service Cloud with Block Lists

Now you can create VIP Lists that contain spammers or trolls, designate it as a Block List and block those messages from getting routed to Salesforce Service Cloud as either a new Case or a subsequent message to an existing conversation. 


Learn more about creating VIP Lists with this how-to.

April 24, 2024

Build relationships and establish deeper brand loyalty with Trustpilot Reviews in Sprout

Now you can connect your Trustpilot Reviews profile to bolster your brand loyalty and trust. Ensure you're responding to reviews, adjust your care strategy and enhance your brand perception by managing all your Trustpilot Reviews directly in Sprout. Create Cases, start Internal Conversations and provide a world-class experience for your customers. 

image (4).webp

Learn how to get started with this overview.

April 24, 2024

Unify Employee Advocacy workflows and insights alongside your Sprout data with EA widgets in My Reports

Now My Reports users can add the Employee Advocacy Network Overview widget to their custom reports. In this widget, you can customize date ranges, sorting logic, select the metrics you want to highlight and download a PDF of the report.

Learn more about getting started with My Reports with this overview.

April 26, 2024

Quickly assign Company and Feature Permissions for your Team Members 

Now you can bulk assign and remove Company and Feature Permissions for Team Members in Sprout. More easily grant access to the appropriate Groups, Profiles and Permissions in just a few clicks to ensure each Team Member has access to everything they need.

Note: This feature is being rolled out on a phased release. When this feature is enabled for your Sprout account, you'll see the additional options in the Quick actions menu.

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 10.50.12 AM.png

Learn more about bulk managing permissions with this how-to.

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