Audience Size Influencer Indicators & Custom VIP Lists

Audience Size Influencer Indicators in Sprout Social provide a visual cue about the follower counts of Twitter users that appear in the Smart Inbox, Feeds and X Search.

Note: You must have Manage Advanced Inbox Features Smart Inbox and the X Search Listening feature permissions to access these options.

If an X user has reached a minimum follower threshold, one of three different colored labels appear next to their avatar. The color depends on the number of followers they have:

  • Follower counts between 2k - 10k has a light blue label.
  • Follower counts between 10k - 100k has a green label.
  • Follower counts over 100k has an orange label.

Note: These colors and their follower thresholds are preconfigured and not customizable.

Additionally, hover your mouse cursor over an X user's avatar to see a summary of relevant information about them, including their follower count below the colored label.


Custom VIP Lists

Users with the Manage Advanced Inbox Features feature permission can configure a Custom VIP List, which adds a VIP label next to select X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn user avatars. The label is also visible when you hover over the avatar.


Only the Account Owner or Account Managers can configure this VIP List. But all users can add or remove profiles from VIP Lists.

To configure the list:

  1. Click the overflow menu at the top of the Smart Inbox.
  2. Click Manage VIPs. You're taken to the VIP Lists of your Inbox Settings.
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2021-03-11_at_2.44.32_PM.png to configure an existing list, or click Add new list to create a new VIP list.
  4. Enter a name for a list and then start adding social profiles to it.
  5. Optional: VIP Lists can be toggled as "Block lists." Block lists prevent messages from being routed to Salesforce Service Cloud if the message is sent from a social profile added to a Block list.
  6. Click Save.


VIP Lists_Block_List_Badges.png

While there is no limit to how many profiles you can add to a Custom VIP List, Sprout recommends you keep it under 1,000 to ensure performance is not compromised.  


Note: You can create up to 60 different VIP Lists. 

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