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Platform Security

Why am I being asked to communicate using my Sprout Social registered email address?

At Sprout Social, customer accounts and data security are taken extremely seriously. To protect the integrity of your account and ensure that your data is not being shared inappropriately, Sprout requires that any communication regarding your account be handled via a Sprout registered email address or via secure authorized communication channels (live chat).

Hacking attempts have become savvier, so Sprout also reserves the right to remove any non-registered emails CC’d on communication requiring disclosure of customer data, and/or decline to communicate with any non-registered email addresses.

That said, Sprout understands that businesses come in all shapes and setups, and not all personnel needing to communicate with us will have registered emails in the database. For further assistance, you can always start by reaching out to Sprout Support, where you be directed in the best way to get the help you need.

It is also highly recommended that you use Sprout's security features, including two-step verification. 

Read more about Sprout Social's two-step verification settings

If you have further questions about security and how Sprout works to keep your data secure, you can read more in Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. Any other inquiries regarding contractual obligations should be directed to your dedicated Account Manager.

How secure is Sprout's application?

Want more details about the security features of Sprout Social? Learn more about how we protect your account here

At Sprout, your account's security is taken very seriously. Our security measures include:

  • All interactions with Sprout are encrypted with SSL over the Internet.
  • Sprout's databases are kept in a private network, completely inaccessible from the public Internet.
  • Sprout doesn't store user passwords, so even if the database was hacked, it would be impossible for the attacker to gain access to your account.
  • Sprout accesses Facebook, Twitter and other social networks on your behalf using a mechanism called OAuth; this is highly secure and flexible in that you can easily disable Sprout's access at anytime. Sprout never has access to social media passwords.
  • Sprout has received independent certification of SOC 2 Type II compliance.

To learn more about our security practices, visit our security page.


Click Data

How can I verify click data?

Anytime you want to see if Sprout's data matches Bit.ly’s data, copy and paste the link into the browser and add + sign after. For example, put this URL in the browser bar: https://bitly.com/1dQMKoM+ to see the clicks for that link.

How often does Sprout check for click data?

Sprout checks for new click data every 10 minutes for 48 hours after you've first shared a link. Click data numbers can go up over time as more people click on the link, so if you pull reports more than once for the same time period, the click data might change between reports.


Does Sprout have any automated posting or messaging features?

Sprout doesn't offer any type of automated posts, direct messages or following features. To encourage users to create genuine connections, Sprout can help you find relevant followers but you need to interact with each of them separately. Social media networks discourage these type of automated features, so avoiding automation practices enables Sprout to help you prevent your profiles from being blocked or flagged.

Social Profile Passwords

If I change my Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter password, do I need to update that in Sprout?

Twitter or LinkedIn 

There is no need to update passwords in Sprout Social. Your accounts stay connected because you gave Sprout access to those profiles.


You get prompted to update your Facebook password in Sprout. Open your Notifications Drawer and click Issues.

Click the Issue to go to Facebook and verify your new password. This reestablishes the connection to your Facebook pages in Sprout.

If you still see a prompt in the Notifications Drawer after verifying your password, contact Sprout Support to troubleshoot.

Engagement and Influence Calculations

How does Sprout determine Engagement & Influence?


Your Sprout engagement score is intended to give you a glimpse at how well you are interacting with your community. We use an algorithm measuring the number of @replies or @mentions you've sent in relation to status updates (basically a percentage of @replies out of all of your sent tweets). This helps to see the conversation you are having with your Twitter followers. This is an internal measurement in Sprout only so it's just used to measure how often you tweet with Twitter contacts.


These are 3 main criteria for determining influence:

  • Number of followers and 
  • Number of @mentions in the last week and 
  • Number of new followers in the last week

How do I increase my engagement score?

Engagement Score is a ratio of your interaction with your followers to status updates to everyone. This interaction/conversation can be in the form of a Direct Reply or Public Reply. It also includes all retweets that include the original handle with the exception of native retweets. Thus, if you increase your one-on-one replies and keep your status updates at the same level, you will see a higher Engagement Score. 

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