Why are my cases or social posts not appearing in Salesforce?

If you're sending messages to Salesforce through an Automated Rule or Macro and they aren’t posting to Salesforce, try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Verify that Salesforce is connected.
  • Check your Automated Rule and/or Macro to confirm the right Salesforce account is set on the Send to Salesforce action. To check:
    • Select the Rule or Macro.
    • Select the connected Salesforce account in Send to Salesforce.
  • Confirm your Automated Rule and/or Macro is toggled on.
  • Check that the package is fully installed. You can verify that the Flow Template is activated in Salesforce by navigating to Setup > Quick Find > Flows > Inbound Sprout Social Data. If you're using standard objects, navigate to Setup > Quick Find > Flows > Inbound Sprout Social Data - Legacy.
  • In Salesforce, search Cases or Social Posts for the profile handle. The message may already exist from an earlier send.
  • In Sprout, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Disconnect and then reconnect Salesforce. You won't lose any data when you disconnect.

Package logs

If all of these settings configured correctly, check your package logs for errors in Salesforce.

You can configure your package logs from the Sprout Social Setup assistant app. By enabling package logs, you can debug issues with your implementation by viewing error messages that occur when a message is sent from Sprout to Salesforce.

To set up package logs for the Sprout Social Salesforce app, review the getting started guide.

To view package logs, follow these steps:

  1. From the app launcher, navigate to Sprout Social Setup.
  2. Select Package Logs.
  3. Open the dropdown menu and select All.

Still having trouble identifying the issue?

Reach out to Sprout Social Support for assistance.

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