December 2022

Releases this month

December 1, 2022

Build engagement with message likes in Listening

Now you can like messages from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from Listening. If you’re a Listening customer, you can engage with your audiences right from the Messages tab.


Learn about Sprout’s Message Actions in Listening in this overview.


December 2, 2022

Send clearer emails to your stakeholders with email message enhancements in the Smart Inbox

Keep your stakeholders in the loop with Sprout's enhancements to the email message feature in the Smart Inbox. The message is now embedded in the email, and you can add comments for additional context.


Learn more about message actions in this guide.

December 9, 2022

Keep your brand standards on point with new Compose settings

With Sprout’s new Compose settings, you can ensure that your posts always include the right workflows to keep your brand standards consistent. You can now enable Compose settings to use Sprout metadata for Facebook attached links, show Facebook audience confirmation and require campaign tags or label tags (Advanced Plan only).


Learn more about settings in Sprout in this overview.

December 21, 2022

Quickly troubleshoot user actions with audit trail logs

You can now download a CSV file with details about user actions across your account. Gain insights into actions like profile and group creation or deletion so you can find and fix issues.


Learn how to download audit trail logs in this guide.

December 21, 2022

Level up your LinkedIn engagement with more types of comments in the Smart Inbox

Now you can respond to comments on LinkedIn videos, celebrations, documents and more in the Smart Inbox. Keep your LinkedIn audience engaged and never miss a comment.


Learn more about message types in the Smart Inbox in this guide.

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