Message Actions

It’s easy to manage conversations across your social networks in one place with integrated messaging actions across X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Clicking the More Actions overflow menu in the lower corner of a message shows the contextual message actions specific to that network. The available actions depend on the network from where the message was sent. For example, Retweet is an action that's available for a Tweet but not available for an Instagram comment.

You can perform the following actions on messages:

Note: Sprout integrates with Google Translate for the language translation feature. Set up your default language in Settings > Personal Settings.

Save Messages

Perhaps you receive a message you’d like to come back to later: maybe it’s a Tweet of praise or a suggestion received via Facebook.

To save a message:

  1. Navigate to your Smart Inbox and select the profile(s) you want to review messages for.
  2. Click image6.png  to access the overflow menu for the message you want to save.
  3. Click Save Message. The message moves to the Saved Messages view.


Change sentiment

You can change the sentiment of a message. To change the sentiment, click the sentiment icon and select Positive, Neutral, Negative or Unclassified. You can learn more about sentiment in messages in this guide.


Complete Messages

You can let your team hide messages that don’t require further action by giving them the Manage Message Status permission. This permission lets your team mark messages as complete, removing them from the main view in the Smart Inbox, so they can stay focused on what’s next.

To configure this permission for users:

  1. Navigate to Account & Settings > Settings > Users & Social Profiles.
  2. Select the user you want to enable this permission for.
  3. Select Manage Message Status.
  4. Click Save.


After you enable this permission, your users can mark messages as complete.

To mark a message complete:

  1. Navigate to the Smart Inbox and select the profile(s) from the Sources dropdown you want to review messages for.
  2. Select the checkbox for all the messages you want to mark complete.
  3. Click in the upper right of the screen to mark the message as complete. The message disappears from the Smart Inbox feed.

Note: By default, clicking the checkmark icon hides the completed message. To view all messages in the Smart Inbox regardless of status, disable the Hide Completed Items toggle under the Real-Time Activity Chart.


Hovering over a shaded checkmark icon on a message shows you who completed it.


Mark messages complete in bulk

If users have the Manage profiles company permission and Manage Message Status feature permission, they can also mark messages complete in bulk from the All Messages view in the Smart Inbox. This is a great way to clear out a bunch of completed messages. To mark messages complete in bulk:

  1. Open the All Messages Inbox View in the Smart Inbox.
  2. ClickScreen_Shot_2021-04-26_at_1.31.03_PM.png and then click Mark Complete in Bulk. A popup appears.
  3. Select the date you want to mark complete all messages on and prior to.
  4. Click Mark Complete.

Create Cases

As you work through the Smart Inbox, there may be a message that requires a response, but you’re not the best person to handle it. You can create Cases for other team members to respond to.

To assign a message as a Case, click on the bottom right of a message window.

The remains shaded on a message if a Case was created, and the Case assignment details appear when you hover over it.


Update message language

While Sprout automatically determines the language of messages in the Smart Inbox and Reviews, you can manually change the language of a message.

To update the language of a message:

  1. Click More Actions on a message.
  2. Click Detected Language.
  3. Search and select the proper language from the list. A notification appears letting you know the update was successful.

Message language FAQs

What happens if a message contains text written in more than one language?
A message only has a single language value assigned to it. The language detection service makes the best attempt to assign a language value to the message. If no determination can be made, a value of Unclassified is assigned. 

What does a value of Unclassified mean?
A value of Unclassified is assigned to a message in the following scenarios:

  • Where language could not be determined by the language detection service. This can occur when a message does not contain any text, e.g. messages containing only images, emojis, @mentions.
  • The message has not been backfilled and the language detection service hasn't scanned the message yet.

If someone updates the language on a message, will all other users in the group see that same language?

Any change to a message's language value appears across all groups.

Confirm message actions

Once an action is taken on a message, the icon that corresponds to the action taken on the message turns blue. To see who completed the action, hover over the blue icon.


Delete messages

You can delete the following kinds of messages:

  • X DMs
  • Tweets that you've sent
  • Facebook Posts, Comments, Ad Comments and Private Messages
  • Instagram Comments
  • Instagram Private Messages
  • LinkedIn Shares, Comments and Videos
  • TikTok video comments
  • YouTube comments that you've sent
  • Google's Business messages

To delete a message from your Smart Inbox:

  1. Identify the message containing the content you'd like to delete.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_12.34.53_PM.png.
  3. Click Delete from Sprout.

The message is removed for the entire group.

If you're responding to a chat directly for Twitter or Facebook, you can delete individual messages. This is helpful if you're troubleshooting an issue with a customer, and they send personally identifying information within the chat. You can remove the PII, but keep the context of the conversation. To delete a single message:

  1. Click Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_12.34.22_PM.png.
  2. Hover to the right of the message, and then click Screen_Shot_2020-10-12_at_12.34.00_PM.png next to the message you want to remove.
  3. Click Delete from Sprout.

The message is removed from the conversation for the entire group.

Export threads

You can also export an entire message thread to a CSV file for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is a great way to share message threads with stakeholders, analyze conversation responses and keep up-to-date with any giveaways or raffles you ran from a singular post.

To export a thread:

  1. Navigate to the message thread you want to export either in the Smart Inbox or in the Reply window.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2021-05-19_at_1.19.07_PM.png.
  3. Click Export Thread. The Export and send CSV popup appears.
  4. Enter the email addresses you want to send the thread to.
  5. Click Send.

The email addresses you specify receive an email with the exported conversation. Note that you can't export Twitter threads at this time. 


Email messages

You can email messages to anyone, even if they're not a Sprout user. To email a message:

  1. Navigate to the message thread you want to export either in the Smart Inbox or in the Reply window.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2021-11-23_at_10.13.04_AM.png.
  3. Select Email Message.
  4. Enter the recipient's email address and add any comments.
  5. Click Send.

Note: The From and Subject fields can't be edited.


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