Sentiment for Messages

You can use sentiment analysis in Sprout to evaluate and prioritize your incoming messages and reduce noise in the Smart Inbox and Reviews Feed.

Note: This feature is available on the Advanced Plan.

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How do I use sentiment in the Smart Inbox and Reviews Feed?

Sprout automatically assigns sentiment to messages in the Smart Inbox and Reviews. You can filter by sentiment and create custom views based on sentiment.

To filter messages by sentiment:

  1. Open the Filters menu.
  2. Navigate to More Filters > Sentiment.
  3. Select All Sentiments, Positive, Neutral, Negative or Unclassified.


To create a new custom Inbox or Reviews view based on sentiment, select the sentiment from the filter menu and click Save As.



Can I create Automated Rules based on sentiment?

Yes, sentiment is one of the criteria in Automated Rules for All Received, Inbox Messages and Reviews. Read this article to learn how to create Automated Rules.

Can I change a message’s sentiment in the Inbox or Reviews Feed?

Yes, you can change the sentiment value for a message in the Smart Inbox or Reviews Feed. To change sentiment:

  1. Select the message you’d like to classify.
  2. Click the sentiment.pngsentiment icon.
  3. Select Positive, Neutral, Negative or Unclassified.

Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 3.31.16 PM.png

To reclassify all your messages, click the checkbox at the top of the window and click the sentiment icon.

Note: You can't reclassify multiple messages while in Conversation View.


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