What TikTok message types appear in Sprout and what actions can I take?

The following TikTok message types appear in the Smart Inbox. For these message types, you can respond and take additional actions. You can also take action on these messages using Sprout's iOS and Android apps.

Note: Only organic messages appear in the Smart Inbox.

  • Network: The social media network
  • Message Type: The type of message listed
  • Available in Inbox: The message type that appears in the Smart Inbox. If this is checked, Sprout expects to receive that message type. If this is marked with the Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png symbol, Sprout doesn’t expect to receive the message type.
  • Update Schedule: How often Sprout updates data and the kind of data updated.
  • Backfill: How far back Sprout can provide data upon profile connection.
  • Top-level comment: The "first-level" of comments under a post (i.e. a comment that is responding to the post, not another comment).

For information about message types on other social networks:

Network Message Type Available in Inbox Update Schedule Backfill
Screen_Shot_2022-10-28_at_11.45.15_AM.png Video Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png

Daily, the 10 most recent videos from the past 10 days.

Every 15 minutes, the 10 most recent videos.

Past 365 days up to 500
Screen_Shot_2022-10-28_at_11.45.15_AM.png Video Comments Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png

Daily, the 100 most recent top-level comments per video if comments have been added or deleted.

For each top-level comment, Sprout will fetch the 90 most recent replies.

Every 15 minutes, the 60 most recent comments per video on the 10 most recently published videos (only if comments have been added or deleted since the last time we polled the video). Per comment, Sprout will fetch the 30 most recent comment replies.

For each video, Sprout will fetch the 500 most recent top-level comments.

On each top-level comment, Sprout will fetch the 90 most recent comment replies for that comment.


Using the Smart Inbox you can reply to comments left on your TikTok videos. Navigate to Smart Inbox > All Messages to view your TikTok comments.


From the Sources dropdown in the Smart Inbox, select the TikTok profiles you want to review and respond to comments from. 


In the Message Types dropdown, you can also select to view only TikTok comments.


Click image11.pngto reply to a comment. You can include a Saved Reply or an emoji in your response. You can also include TikTok users in your VIP Lists or leverage any of the Sprout help desk or Salesforce integrations with user information, too.


What other actions can I take on TikTok comments?

You can also:

  • Like a comment Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.26.41_AM.png
  • Apply a Sprout tag Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.26.46_AM.png
  • Start an internal conversation Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.26.51_AM.png
  • Create a Case Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.27.01_AM.png
  • Mark the comment as complete Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.27.05_AM.png
  • Use the overflow menu to select more actions Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.29.10_AM.png

Use the icons on each comment to select the options you want to apply to your comments.

For example, if you need a particular team to reply to a comment or follow up with a user directly, use to create a Case and assign the comment directly to a team member.

What other Smart Inbox features apply to TikTok comments?

You can also view TikTok comments in Custom Inbox views, as well as in the Completed view. 


Additionally, any Automated Rules set up for your Group also apply to TikTok comments. If you're on the Advanced Plan, you can also apply Inbox Macros to your TikTok comments as well.

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