TikTok and Sprout

Sprout makes it easy to manage your TikTok strategy alongside the other social profiles you manage. When you connect your TikTok account to Sprout you can build a cohesive content plan by scheduling TikTok videos, replying to video comments and comparing how your content performs on the platform over time. Organizing your TikTok strategy in Sprout ensures you drive business results and grow your brand.


What's next for you?

Choose from our resources to help navigate you on your journey with TikTok. 

I'm ready to go. Get started with the Help Center.

Ready to connect your TikTok account to Sprout? Check out our TikTok how-to guide that takes you from profile connection to sharing insights with stakeholders.

I want to learn about strategy. Get started with the Sprout Learning Portal.

Not sure how to create a TikTok strategy? Enroll in our on-demand Learning Portal course, TikTok Marketing Strategy Bootcamp.


I want to discover best practices. Get started with Sprout's Insights Blog.

Our Insights blog shares best practices from other brands and other industries to provide inspiration.


Check out these posts:

I want to connect with social media managers. Get started with the Sprout Community.

Personal connection and chatting with other social media managers in your space is a great first step to ramping up on TikTok.


Head over to our Community forums to connect with other social media managers just like you. 

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