How do I manage my billing contacts, invoices and receipts?

You can easily manage your billing contacts, invoices and receipts in Sprout without contacting our billing or support teams.
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How do I view and download my invoices?

If you're billed in Sprout and have Manage Billing permissions, you can view and download your invoices. To download your invoice:

Navigate to your username > Settings > Billing & Plan > View Billing History.

If you're in an accounting department, Sprout recommends that you contact the Account Owner for your Sprout account to retrieve the invoices for you. If the Account Owner wants to receive copies of the invoices via email, they can contact Sprout Social Support.

What if I use credit cards to process payments? How do I get receipts?

For those using a credit card to process payments, all receipts are sent automatically on your billing date to the email address with which you log in to Sprout Social. If you do not think that you have received a receipt, please check your spam folder.

PDF versions of your receipts are also available by navigating Account and settings > Billing. Click View Billing History to access the list of receipts.

You can also reach out to Sprout Support to update billing details.

If you pay via your PayPal account, you should have all of your transaction history visible in PayPal. If you want to receive a monthly receipt, consider switching to a credit card payment.

What if I'm billed outside of the Sprout app?

If you pay automatically, you can access your outstanding invoices, billing details and past invoice history in Sprout. You need the Manage Billing permission to view the Billing & Plan page. If you’re unable to view this page in Sprout, contact your Account Owner to request permission.

Note: This functionality currently doesn't support those billed via PayPal.

You can view and download your invoices in-app by:

  1. Log into Sprout using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  3. Click Billing & Plan under Account.

From here, you can click View or Download to see your invoices, save copies as well as pay your outstanding or forthcoming invoices. 


Note: You can only pay in Sprout if the balance owed is less than or equal to $10,000. Otherwise, you'll pay via your invoice, not in Sprout.



How can I manage my billing contacts?

Whether you pay in-app or are an out-of-app payer, you can add email addresses of your billing contacts in the Billing & Plan section. You can add any valid email addresses, regardless if the email address belongs to a Sprout user or not. 

Note: You must have the Manage Billing permission to add billing contacts.

You can add up to six billing contacts. By default, the Account Owner is automatically made a billing contact, but you can remove them as a billing contact if needed.

To add billing contacts:

  1. Navigate to your name > Billing in the lower-left corner of Sprout.
  2. Scroll down to Billing Contacts, and then click Manage.
  3. Enter the following information for your billing contact:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email address
  4. (Optional) click + Add contact to continue adding billing contacts.
  5. Click Save when finished.

Your billing contacts now receive invoices as well as important notifications like failed payment notifications.

What do the different invoice statuses mean?

Invoices appear in Sprout with a Status and sometimes a Past Due badge depending on the state of the invoice. Use the following table to understand the different statuses you might see.

Status Definition
Unpaid without a Past Due badge The invoice has no credits and no payments applied against it and there are no days outstanding for payment.
Unpaid with a Past Due badge The invoice has no credits and no payments applied against it and the payment is outstanding by 1 or more days.
Partially Paid without a Past Due badge The balance doesn't equal the invoice amount, the balance is greater than zero and there are no days outstanding for payment.
Partially Paid with a Past Due badge The balance doesn't equal the invoice amount, the balance is greater than zero and the payment is outstanding by 1 or more days.
Paid in Full The invoice has a balance of zero and has full payments or credits applied against it.


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