Shareable Billing Links

If you’re paying via credit card in the Sprout Social platform, the Account Owner can generate and share a link for non-Sprout users to update billing information. 

Note: Sprout users with Manage Billing Company Permission can also perform this workflow.

To share the billing link:

  1. Click Account & Settings > Billing > Update Payment.
  2. Click Share Link to Edit in the top-right corner. A popup appears.
  3. Click Create shareable link.
  4. Copy the link and then paste where you want to share it. Share_Links_3_.gif

Note: This link is only available for Account Owners or users with the appropriate permissions that already have credit card details in the app. 

The first time you share the link, you’ll see the option to Create shareable link. This retrieves the tokenized payment link. On subsequent visits to this page, the shareable link is visible. Any user with this link can modify the credit card details and billing address. This updates your payment details for your next recurring payment. If you need to expire the link for any reason, reach out to Sprout Support.

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