What LinkedIn message types appear in Sprout?

The following table displays the LinkedIn message types that are available to Sprout and appear in the Smart Inbox, as well as those that are currently unavailable.

  • Network: The social media network
  • Message Type: The type of message listed
  • Available in Inbox: The message type that appears in the Smart Inbox. If this is checked, Sprout expects to receive that message type. If this is marked with the Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png symbol, Sprout doesn’t expect to receive the message type.
  • Update Schedule: How often Sprout updates data and the kind of data updated.
  • Backfill: How far back Sprout can provide data upon profile connection.
  • Top-level comment: The "first-level" of comments under a post (i.e. a comment that is responding to the post, not another comment).

For information about message types on other social networks:

Network Message Type Available in Inbox Update Schedule Backfill
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Posts  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime 1000 top-level comments
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Personal Posts (including videos, doesn't include Pulse Articles and Polls) Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Daily, the personal posts modified in the last 10 days. Or last 1 day when active in Sprout. Last 90 days
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Comments on Personal Posts Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Daily, up to 1000 comments on posts modified in the last 10 days. Last 90 days up to 1000 top level comments
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Comments on Posts for Personal Profiles Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime No backfill
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Sent Messages (Sent Video Posts are not expected to appear in the Inbox)   Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime Last 10 days
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Video, Anniversary, Celebration and document posts  Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime 1000 top-level comments
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Post Mentions Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime  Last 10 days
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Polls Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime N/A
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Comments on Ad posts (LinkedIn Ad Account must be connected to Sprout) Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.46.19.png Near realtime Only available from March 19, 2024
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png Comment Mentions Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png N/A N/A
Screenshot_2020-07-30_at_11.52.31.png  Comments on Shares of your Post Screenshot_2020-10-19_at_10.39.08.png N/A N/A

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