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Inbox Views are a great way for you and your team to customize your inbox in Sprout to focus on the messages that are most relevant. With Inbox Views you can:

  • Optimize your workflow by saving the filter sets you frequently use in your Smart Inbox
  • Prioritize across your team by collaborating with specific team members to create and share focused inboxes
  • Manage your workflow from a comprehensive single-stream view without needing to scroll across multiple columns

Note: In order to create Inbox Views, users need to have the Read Only, Can Reply or Full Publishing permission.

Prepackaged Inbox Views

By adding multiple Inbox Views, you and your team can seamlessly switch gears between message types and jump to the ones that need attention. The Smart Inbox is also equipped with prepackaged Inbox Views that helps organize your messages.

The Private inbox view contains all of your private messages like Twitter DMs and Facebook PMs. You can quickly navigate to your private messages and make sure that your responses are timely.


Messages between two social profiles in the Private inbox view are grouped together. Click View Thread to see the entire message history.


By default, the Private Message view groups conversations and displays them in Split Pane Mode alongside Conversation View. You can create a custom inbox view if you’d like to see individual Private Messages only.


Note: You can select the checkbox to bulk complete messages. Bulk-completing marks all the messages in a conversation as complete.


The Completed Messages inbox view contains all of the messages that you or your team marked as complete. Learn more about the Message actions you can take with this helpful article


With the Completed Messages inbox view you can use Bulk Tagging to tag relevant messages within the view. You can also un-complete messages from this view if they require further action, but doing so removes the messages from the view. It’s also important to note that the graphs and stats on the Inbox Chart in this view only show for the completed messages in the date range you specify and the filters you apply.

The Saved Messages inbox view contains all of the messages that you or your team saved in the Smart Inbox. In this view, you can search, export and filter messages by tags.


Creating, editing and deleting Inbox Views

If you use the same filters to customize the view in your Smart Inbox, creating an Inbox View saves time and keeps your personalized inbox view readily available whenever you log into Sprout. You can create up to 100 views.

Note: You can’t share Inbox Views across groups, they’re limited to the group where you create them. Additionally, unpublished posts don't appear in Inbox Views.

For example, let’s say you track a specific Brand Keyword in the Smart Inbox and you regularly select this filter to ensure the messages containing that keyword get your attention right away. You can save this configuration, give it a name and jump into this Inbox View whenever you need it.

To create an Inbox View:

  1. Click Create New from the Custom Views list from the Smart Inbox tab.
  2. Select the filters you want to include in the view, including profiles, message types, brand keywords, message language, Cases and Tags for Professional+ plans.
  3. Click Save. The Create Your Inbox View popup appears.
  4. Enter a name for your view.
  5. Select to share the view with either Specific People or Everyone in Current Group.
  6. (Optional) Enter additional users you want to share the view with by clicking into the Choose Users box.
  7. Select if you want users of the view to receive Spike Alerts when activity for the view increases outside of usual hours. 
  8. (Optional) Enter additional users you want to receive notifications with by clicking into the Choose Users box.

  9. Click Save. Your new Inbox View is created.

After you create your customized Inbox View you can:

  • Sort the Inbox View by oldest to newest or newest to oldest, and filter messages using the dropdown at the top of the inbox
  • Take action on messages
  • Complete messages individually or bulk complete messages within the view
  • Keep track of how many messages you need to address and hone in on specific time ranges
  • Change the message density using the toggle at the top of the inbox
  • Toggle between Split Pane Mode with Conversation View, just Split Pane Mode or remove additional views

Sometimes, despite creating your Inbox Views, you might find some unwanted information coming in from Facebook Personal Messages. If you end up with some NSFW content, spam, personally identifying information or personal health information, you can delete this content from your inbox views.

Click the overflow menu on the message, and then click Delete from Sprout. This removes the content across your Sprout group.


Editing Inbox Views

You can make changes to your Inbox Views at any time. Note that anyone else who the Inbox View is shared with is also affected by any edits made to the view.

To edit an Inbox View:

  1. Select the Inbox View you want to edit from the Saved Inboxes list from the Smart Inbox tab
  2. Click Edit at the top of the Smart Inbox.
  3. Update the sources, message types, brand keywords and tags you want to edit for the view.
  4. Click Save. Your view is updated with the changes.

Deleting Inbox Views

You can delete an Inbox View at any time. Note that anyone else who the Inbox View is shared with is also affected by the removal of the view.

To delete an Inbox View:

  1. Select the Inbox View you want to delete from the Saved Inboxes list from the Messages tab.
  2. Click Screen_Shot_2020-06-01_at_3.59.55_PM.png at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click Delete. A popup message appears.
  4. Click Delete. The Inbox View is removed from the list. 


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