Message Actions

It’s simple to manage conversations across your social networks in one place with integrated messaging actions across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To begin, click the overflow menu in the lower corner of a message to view contextual actions specific to that network. The available actions depend on the network from which the message has been sent. For example, Retweet is an action that's available for a Tweet but not available for an Instagram comment.


Note: Sprout integrates with Google Translate for the language translation feature. Set up your default language in Settings > Personal Settings.

Save Messages

Perhaps you receive a message you’d like to come back to later: maybe it’s a Tweet of praise or a suggestion received via Facebook. If you choose Save Message from the overflow menu, you can revisit it in the left navigation bar of the Smart Inbox.


Complete Messages

The Manage Message Status permission lets your team hide messages that require no further action from the Smart Inbox, allowing you to stay focused on what’s next and ensuring you don't miss anything important. Configure this permission for users by navigating Account & Settings > Settings > Users & Social Profiles.


To mark a message complete, click the checkmark icon within the message. 

Note: By default, clicking the checkmark icon hides the completed message. To view all messages in the Smart Inbox regardless of status, disable the Hide Completed Items toggle beneath the Real-Time Activity Chart.


Hovering over a shaded checkmark icon in a message will show you who performed that action.


Task Messages

As you work through the Smart Inbox, there may be a message that requires a response, but you’re not the best person to handle it. You can task messages to team members who are better able to respond.

To assign a task, simply click the pushpin icon on the bottom right of a message window.

The pushpin icon will remain shaded on a message if a task has already been created, and the task assignment details will display when you hover over the icon. 



To respond to a message, click the Reply icon in the lower right-hand corner of a message. Sprout provides conversation history between your team and the contact within the reply modal for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram messages. Reference those conversations to engage authentically with your audience as a unified brand.

While the reply experience in Sprout is similar across social networks, there are some notable differences. Let’s explore those nuances.


A reply screen opens when you click on the Reply icon. It displays the Tweet you’re replying to and a compose box. The dropdown menu above the compose box allows you to select which profile your response will come from.


If the user you’re interacting with has open Direct Messages or you have a Direct Message history with the user, you can proactively switch to Direct Message.

Note: If the user you are interacting with does not have open direct messages and/or you do not have a Direct Message history with the user, you may add a DM Link to your reply so that they may take the interaction from public to private. Advanced plan users may select one of two Suggested Replies beneath the Compose box when replying to a Twitter message. Learn more about Suggested Replies.

If your conversation moves to Direct Messages, you can facilitate real-time chat with a user within the reply window. Once the conversation is complete, you may mark all received Direct Messages complete to remove them from the Smart Inbox.



A reply screen opens when you click on the Reply icon. Sprout supports both adding comments to the original post as well as replying to a comment in a thread.


If you have a Private Message history with the user engaging with your brand, you can take the conversation from public to private by clicking Switch to Private Message, or view Private Message history at any time by clicking Private Message History on the left navigation area.


A reply modal opens when you click on the Reply icon. Sprout currently only supports adding new comments to the original post.


To see your previous message history with the selected LinkedIn profile or page, select History in the left navigation area.


A reply screen opens when you click on the Reply icon, and a green bar will highlight that message in the thread. Sprout currently only supports adding new comments to the original post.


To see your previous message history with the selected Instagram profile, click History on the left navigation area.

Note: Due to API limitations, Instagram avatars do not display and profiles will display as Private regardless of actual status. Click on the Instagram handle to be taken to that profile natively.

Confirming an Action Has Been Taken

Once an action has been taken on a message, the corresponding icon will turn blue. Hovering over that icon with your mouse cursor will show you which team member took that action.


Another powerful feature of Sprout's Smart Inbox are Contact Profile views, which we'll explore in the final Engagement Basics article

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