Sprout Social response to COVID-19

As the developments around COVID-19 continue to evolve, we want to let you know that Sprout Social has a comprehensive plan in place to keep operations running and help ensure the health and safety of our team, customers and community. In addition, we’re happy to share guidance and strategic suggestions on how you can be leveraging the Sprout platform to navigate these uncertain times.

Workforce Resilience

We’ve enacted our Business Continuity measures so our team can successfully navigate this rapidly changing situation and continue to provide uninterrupted access to the Sprout platform.

As a cloud-first organization, Sprout products, customer service and overall business operations are designed to carry on uninterrupted by physical incidents or issues at any of our offices—including increased work from home policies, an office closure or reduced staffing.

Our team is equipped with secure remote communication and collaboration tools, which we make use of on a daily basis. Familiarity with these practices means team members can easily transition to working remotely without any impact to our customers or the delivery of our platform.

Reliability and Availability

Sprout is committed to delivering world-class reliability and availability so our customers have the tools to stay connected to, and engaged with, your customers, regardless of the situation. With our customers sending more than 350 million social media messages through the platform daily, we hold ourselves to 99.99% uptime—something we have achieved over the past 6 and 12 months. We leverage AWS data centers with multiple layers of backup as well as redundant telecommunications and internet connections. For more information on Sprout’s system status, please visit: https://status.sproutsocial.com/

We know this is a challenging time for the global community and hope to lighten the burden ever so slightly with ongoing, reliable service and support. Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help.

Helpful Sprout Tools During Times of Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, social media is the first place that people go to share opinions, look for answers or follow the news. Social platforms can quickly turn from a place to launch your next campaign or provide delightful customer moments, to a channel where critical communication and conversation is driving global impact. For brands, it can be difficult to understand your role in this quickly changing landscape. Below are a collection of Sprout features that can help you navigate these uncertain times.

Available on All Plans

The following are features that we believe are critical to a team’s workflow during times of uncertainty and are available in all Sprout plans:

  • Pause All (found under Publishing Settings) ensures that you can stop all outgoing messages in time of a crisis. When this setting is on, Scheduled Messages will be sent to Drafts and Sprout Queues will be paused. Replying to messages and Composing a Publish Now Message will be unaffected.
  • Collaborative inbox tools like Cases, Message Completion and Collision Detection will ensure, as a distributed team, you are not stepping on each other's toes.
  • Sprout’s mobile apps (available on iOS and Android) have near-parity to our web app for all publishing and engagement tools and workflows and can be extremely helpful when you need to respond to a message or make critical content adjustments while on-the-go.

Available on Professional and/or Advanced Plans

The following are a few features that can be helpful to brands during times of uncertainty and are available on Sprout’s Professional and/or Advanced plans (or as Add-ons):

  • Approval Workflows can be leveraged for seamless collaboration on publishing outgoing content in order to mitigate any risk of off-brand messaging.
  • Spike Alerts and Inbox Views provide tools and workflows for advanced inbox management and brand health monitoring so you can stay focused on the most important messages.
  • Inbox Rules and Chatbots can help you eliminate noise and manage any outsized increases in inbound message volume during times of crisis or uncertainty.
  • Advanced social listening tools can help you monitor ongoing trends in brand health and major events to better inform your next business decision

If you have any questions or would like additional education on any of the features mentioned above, please reach out to our Support Team or click the Contact Us button at the top of the Help Center.

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