How do I respond to Threads messages in the Smart Inbox?

To reply to a Threads message in the Smart Inbox, click the reply arrow icon in the bottom right corner.   

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A reply screen opens where you can then compose and send your message. Sprout supports both adding comments to the original post as well as replying to a comment in a thread, and we capture all comments regardless of depth, so you never miss a message.

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How do I hide comments on Threads?

You can hide Threads comments directly from the Smart Inbox. This ensures you protect your audience and brand image by eliminating spam and insensitive content from your Threads posts.

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To hide comments, click the three dot menu and then select Hide on Threads. After you hide the comment, a banner appears on the message letting you know it was hidden. Click unhide on the banner to show the comment again.  Please note, only top level comments (comments made in reply to the post) can be hidden.


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