How do I use Analyze by AI Assist for Listening?

  • This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.
  • You must have the View Topic permission to use and see insights from AI Assist.

Analyze by AI Assist shows significant metrics, hashtags, keywords, Smart Categories and emojis. Analyze by AI Assist removes the guesswork and finds the significant insights for you and displays them in clear sentences so you can modify and perfect your social listening strategy with ease.

Where can I view Analyze by AI Assist insights?

Insights are available in the Conversation tab of your Listening Topics. Analyze by AI Assist surfaces:

  • Words
  • Phrases
  • Smart Categories
  • Hashtags
  • Emojis
  • Mentions trending in your Topic
  • Additional context sentences and bullet points, where applicable

To view these insights:

  1. Navigate to Listening.
  2. Select the Listening Topic you want to view insights for. Note that your Topic must have between 100 and 1 million messages in order for Analyze by AI Assist to appear.
  3. Choose a Comparison Period.
  4. Click Conversation. Insights appear at the top of the Conversation tab. 
  5. Hover over a term to learn more about it. 
  6. Click on a term to view messages, create filters or posts with the term.

Message Explorer provides additional contextual information about your insights. From Message Explorer, click on a term to view more information, insights and messages related to the keyword.


Analyze by AI Assist isn't customized for Competitor Topics. This feature looks the same across all Topic types in Listening.


How does Analyze by AI Assist determine what is significant?

Each hashtag, keyword, Smart Category, mention and emoji are compared against the entire data set in both the current period and the comparison period. This helps capture conversations that are emerging so you can hone in on what is changing.

Does Analyze by AI Assist use OpenAI?


What are the data requirements for Analyze by AI Assist to appear?

You must select a comparison period and your Topic must contain between 100 and 1 million messages.

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