True-up billing FAQ

Sprout is piloting a new true-up billing model that gives you greater account flexibility and faster time to value when you need to add users to your plan. You can now add additional team members in Sprout by inviting them directly in-app, and they get access as soon as they accept the invite. You’ll then have until the end of the month to make any changes, then we’ll invoice you for any additions to your contract.

What is a true-up?

A true-up reconciles any user seats added above your contract limit during the month. On the date of your true-up, you’ll receive an invoice for any new seats you added that month.

When does the true-up happen?

The true-up happens automatically each month at 8 a.m. Central Time on the last day of the month.

How do I know if I have any pending account changes?

Any Sprout user(s) with Manage Billing permissions receive in-app and email notifications 10 days and two days ahead of the true-up date. Sprout also notifies you whenever a user is invited over the number of paid users on your account (e.g. If you pay for 10 users and an 11th person is invited).

Any Sprout user(s) with Manage Billing permissions can review the current status of the account by visiting the Billing & Plan page in Account Settings.


What can I do to review or avoid additional charges?

You can review pending charges by viewing the Upcoming Invoice modal, which is accessible from true-up notification or from the Billing & Plan page. This modal displays the current status of your account, including active, available and pending users. It also provides the estimated monthly cost for any pending users. This cost is estimated and doesn’t include any applicable taxes and fees.

If you don’t want to pay for the additional users on your account added during that month, you can remove users by visiting the Team Members page in your Account Settings or by clicking Manage when reviewing your Upcoming Invoice from true-up notifications. Additional users are billed automatically on the true-up date, so you must manage users ahead of your true-up date to avoid charges.

Only Sprout users with Manage Users permissions can add or remove users.

How will I be billed for additional charges?

Additional users that remain on the account on your true-up date are processed as an add-on to your existing contract and will be invoiced from the true-up date through the end of your current contract term. Sprout will send an invoice for the additional charges to the Billing Contact(s) on your account and payment will be due in accordance with the payment terms in your agreement. You will be unable to remove user seats from your account after the true-up date happens on the last day of the month.

What happens at my renewal?

All users added to your plan via true-up throughout your contract term will be coterminous with your current plan and will be included at renewal. If you have an auto-renewing subscription, any users added to your plan via true-up will automatically renew at the end of the subscription term along with your plan.

Who can invite users?

Any user on your account with Manage Users permissions can invite new users to your account. You can modify a user’s permissions from the Team Members page in your Account Settings. Learn more about user permissions here.


Who can I talk to if I have questions?

To see if you’re eligible to enroll in true-up billing or for questions about how it works, connect with your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive.

For all other billing-related questions, contact Sprout’s Support Team.

Who can opt into true-up billing?

True-up billing is currently available to invited customers who pay for Sprout via invoice and have a Sprout account in good standing. Connect with your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive to see if you are eligible to enroll in this program.

What if I add and remove users within the same calendar month?

Your true-up happens once a month based on the state of your account on the true-up date. If you add and remove the same number of users within the month prior to the true-up date, then you won’t receive an invoice.

What happens to scheduled content or other work associated with users who were added and removed from my account?

Before you remove a user from your Sprout account, it’s important to note that all Cases assigned to the user get reassigned to the Account Owner and any content the user had scheduled, added to the Sprout Queue or saved as a Draft remains active in Sprout.

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