Sprout Single Sign-on (SSO) FAQs

Can I set up SSO in my trial account?
No, self-service SSO is not available for trial accounts or customers without an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM). If you are looking for assistance in upgrading your account, please contact Sprout Support.

I am a user for two different Sprout customers using the same email address (e.g. "@company.com") to log in to Sprout. Can I use SSO to access both clients?
Sprout can support SSO if the same Identity Provider (IdP) is being used for both customers for the shared email address.

If each customer is using a different IdP or a different email address, then you'll need to log in to each account separately.

What if I have issues or encounter an error when configuring my self-service SSO settings?
Reach out to your internal IT teams for assistance or your IdP. 

Can I reach out to Sprout for support with my SSO configuration?

If you encounter a 9-digit error on Sprout or a 4-word error on Employee Advocacy, then you can route these to Sprout Support for investigation. Otherwise, Sprout Support can't answer questions or solve issues with SSO.

Sprout doesn't provide a full-service SSO configuration, consult on general setup or commit engineering or support resources to join SSO-based calls.

Do you support OIDC or WS-Federation?

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