What is a Mobile Publisher?

You can use assign Mobile Publishers to post content to Instagram and TikTok using Sprout's mobile apps.

Using this workflow, schedule your posts in Sprout's desktop or mobile app, then assign a Mobile Publisher to publish the content to your Instagram or TikTok account based on the time/day you specify. 

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Mobile Publisher

Your Mobile Publisher is the person who is responsible for publishing posts to Instagram or TikTok. If a user shows up in the Mobile Publisher dropdown list in the Publishing Workflows section of the Compose window, it means they have at least Read Only access for that profile, have enabled push notifications for the Sprout Social app and have enabled the Publishing Reminders option in the notification preferences screen of the application.


If a team member disables Sprout push notifications on their mobile device, they won’t appear in the Mobile Publisher list to avoid missing a timely post.

You can only select one person as Mobile Publisher. You can change publishers prior to the scheduled posting time by editing the post.

When a post is ready for publishing, the Mobile Publisher receives a push notification on their mobile device.

What actions can Mobile Publishers take in the Sprout desktop app?

Mobile Publishers can delete, resend or mark notifications complete on the Sprout desktop. 

If a push notification is sent to the mobile app but the mobile publisher has not opened the notification and clicked Continue to Network, a purple clock icon notification appears at the bottom with the publisher's name.


Once the Mobile Publisher selects Continue to Network on the reminder within the Sprout mobile app, the purple clock icon switches to a green paper airplane, letting you know that the post was shared. 

If the post is made any way other than by selecting Continue to Network (e.g. published natively), the status may not be correct.


If you need to choose a different Publisher after a notification has been sent, follow these instructions in the mobile or web app.

From mobile

If other users satisfy the Mobile Publisher requirements, they can take action on any notifications. Any user with these permissions can complete the workflow.

From the web app 

  1. Delete the notification.
  2. Recreate the post.
  3. Select a different Mobile Publisher and proceed with the workflow.

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