How does the change from Instagram Video to Instagram Reels impact my Sprout reports?

On  July 21, 2022, Meta announced a change where IG Videos shorter than 15 minutes get converted to Instagram Reels. This article breaks down those impacts in Instagram, as well as your Sprout reports. 

For more information regarding this change, visit Meta’s announcement here

What changes should I expect to see in Instagram as a visitor?

As someone visiting your Instagram profile and viewing IG Videos that were converted to Reels, all IG Videos and Reels appear in a single Reels tab. Whereas before the change, there was a separate Videos and Reels tab.

Both converted IG Videos and Reels appear on your Reels tab for your profile. 


On the Feed tab, both converted IG Videos and Reels appear with the Reels icon.


The big difference a visitor would see is that converted IG Videos show the number of views as a visible metric count.


Whereas Reels show the number of Likes as the visible metric count.


What changes should I expect to see in Instagram as a Social Media Manager?

As someone who manages the Instagram account, the insights available in Instagram are the same as they were before the conversion and the IG Video is still treated as an IG Video post, not a Reel. This means:

  • The converted IG Video appears in the Posts section of Instagram insights instead of the Reels tab.
  • The metrics are the same as they were previously. IG Videos have Impressions whereas Reels have Plays:
    image1.png image3.png

How do these changes impact my Sprout reporting?

For converted IG Videos, the biggest impact you can expect to see in Sprout is that the Post Type filter in the Post Performance Report recognizes converted IG Videos as Posts and not as Reels. 


Any breakdown by Post Type, like in the Instagram Profiles Report for Premium Analytics customers, also continues to treat converted IG Videos as Posts instead of Reels. 


In Sprout, for Reels, Plays are mapped to both Impressions and Video Views. Sprout is consistent with how IG Videos and Reels are treated.

For any new video content that’s created since the conversion, that new video is treated as Reel when it’s uploaded. This means that all subsequent reporting on that Reel is classified as a Reel in Sprout, showing Plays for Impressions and Video Views in your reports.


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