How do I add LinkedIn mentions in Listening?

This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.

You can add an owned LinkedIn page to existing topics or create a new topic with LinkedIn as a network source. 

You must have at least one LinkedIn page connected to your group and the Manage Topic permissions to use this feature.

To add a LinkedIn page to your Listening sources for an existing topic:

    1. Navigate to Listening.
    2. Select an existing topic. 
  1. Click the three-dot overflow menu Screen_Shot_2022-08-03_at_3.51.06_PM.png
  2. Select Edit.
  3. From Pick your Sources, select LinkedIn.
  4. Click Add Profile.
  5. Once your page is connected, select the LinkedIn pages you’d like to include in Listening from the dropdown menu.

To add a LinkedIn page to your Listening sources for a new topic:

  1. Navigate to Listening.
  2. Select Create Topic from the Listening Templates.
  3. In the Query Builder, select LinkedIn from the sources.

If you haven’t connected a LinkedIn page, you can add LinkedIn as a source. Click Add Profile to connect your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn mentions will now appear in your topic insights views.



How do I create a topic that includes all LinkedIn mentions of my brand?

In query builder, choose a Word or Phrase operator and then type the name of your LinkedIn page. This will pull in all page mentions.


Can I attach multiple LinkedIn pages?
Yes. You can attach as many owned LinkedIn profiles to your group as you’d like.

Why can’t I query the entire LinkedIn network?
This is a network API limitation. LinkedIn only allows Sprout to query the mentions associated with pages that are connected to Sprout.

What data backfills are available for LinkedIn upon topic creation?
Sprout will backfill LinkedIn data for 30 days.

If I pull in a mix of mentions and comments on those mentions into my topic, will they be threaded in the message layer?
No. Like other networks these metrics will not be connected to each other in Sprout. However, you can click on the message to view it on LinkedIn itself to see more message context.

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