Why is my media preview unavailable?

Note: Due to network API limitations, the media preview in Sprout may not match the published post on the native network.

In Sprout, you might notice in Compose, certain Reports and the Smart Inbox that a thumbnail doesn't appear for an image or video post. There are a few reasons why you might not see a preview, including:

  • The image or video is flagged for copyright material. The network flagged the content for potential copyright and doesn't return the content to Sprout.
  • There was a thumbnail expiration. Instagram Competitor post media typically expires as Sprout doesn't have a way to update image sources after the posts are initially brought into Sprout.
  • There was a post deletion. The post was deleted so the preview can't be recovered.
  • There is a native API limitation. Due to network API limitations, Sprout doesn't receive full media previews back from LinkedIn. There can also be disruptions on the network side that occasionally prevents Sprout from displaying media for other networks.
  • There was an issue with the network connection. In rare cases, your browser's connection can prevent the preview from loading. Refresh your browser.

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