Sprout and Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)

Sprout's integration provides an automated method for bringing social marketing analytics into overall marketing dashboards in Salesforce and Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama).

This integration enables you to get post-level data, Sprout Tag and Campaign data and additional network metrics not covered by Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama) like TikTok. Plus, you can manage profile authorizations and reauthorizations in one place.

Note: You must be a Premium Analytics user and have the Sprout Analytics API provisioned in order to use this integration. For more information, contact your Sprout Customer Success Manager or Sales rep.

How do I generate an API Key to create my data stream?

You'll use the Sprout integration exclusively in Salesforce, but you will need to generate an API Key to use it.

To generate the API Key:

Note: You must be a Sprout Admin to generate API Keys.

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  2. Click API Tokens under Reporting and Listening.
  3. Click Sprout's Analytics API Terms of Service to review the terms. A popup appears.
  4. Select Agree to terms after you've read through the terms, and then click Submit. Screen_Shot_2022-07-13_at_1.08.16_PM.png
  5. Click Create API Token.
  6. Enter a descriptive name for your token.
  7. Click Create Token. Your token appears in the Token Management section. 
  8. Copy and paste the token in Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama).

How do I use the Sprout Social API connector in Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama)?

Check out this article from Salesforce for more information.


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