How do I set up Listening Spike Alerts?

Setting up Listening Spike Alerts helps to notify you of shifts in conversation activity around your Listening Topics. Using criteria that you define, you receive email alerts when conversations rise or fall. Enabling Spike Alerts ensures you never miss when the conversation starts to change, so you can make social strategy adjustments in real-time.


To create a Listening Spike Alert:

Note: You must have the Manage Topics Listening Feature Permission to create Spike Alerts and you must have the View Topics Listening Feature Permission to receive alerts.

  1. Navigate to Listening.
  2. Select a current Listening Topic.
  3. Click the three-dot overflow menu Screen_Shot_2022-04-27_at_1.59.20_PM.png on the selected topic.
  4. Select Alerts.
  5. Select the metrics you want a Spike Alert for. Choose from:
    1. Topic Volume
    2. Potential Impressions
    3. Positive Sentiment
    4. Negative Sentiment
  6. Choose the Alert Sensitivity level based on the notifications you want.Screen_Shot_2022-06-22_at_12.04.02_PM.png
  7. Select the users that you want to receive this notification. You can only select users that are in the same group as the Listening Topic.
  8. Click Enable.

Now when a spike occurs to a Listening Topic, the users you entered will receive an email notification to access the Topic in Sprout.

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