How do I tag products in Instagram?

You can use product tagging to make your content shoppable when you post. Tagging products often in different formats can help potential shoppers learn more about your products when they discover them.

Note: To leverage product tags in Sprout, if you're in the U.S., you can upgrade your Shops to checkout with Facebook or Instagram here. If you don't have a checkout-enabled Shop on Facebook or Instagram, you receive an error when trying to apply product tags. This is due to an API change Meta made on August 10, 2023.



You can use the Sprout desktop app to tag products in Instagram posts.

Note: In order to leverage the product tagging API, you must have an Instagram Business account and an Instagram Shop. Read this article to learn how to set up a shop.

To include product tags in your Instagram posts:

1. Open Compose.

2. Select an Instagram profile from the Profile Picker.

Note: You can only tag product posts for 1 Instagram profile at a time.

3. Click image2.png to add images.

4. Choose up to 10 images from your desktop, Asset Library, Bynder, Canva, Dropbox or Google Drive.

5. Click the pencil icon image1.png on the attached photo.

6. Select Tag Image.image6.png

7. Click the Product Tagging tab.

8. Search for the product you want to tag by SKU or product name. 

Note: If your shop includes products with multiple variants, Sprout recommends searching by SKU for the most accurate results.

9. Select a product from the list to add it as a tag to the image.

10. Click and drag the tag to the desired location on the image.image4.gif

11. Select Save Tags. image5.png

12. Follow any internal workflows.

13. Click Schedule or Submit.

Note: If you have a valid shop but there are no catalogs available, you may need to reauthorize your profile to give Sprout permission to view your products.


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