Can I use Sprout to post to my personal LinkedIn profile?

You can post to your personal LinkedIn profile using Sprout either in Personal Mode or in your Sprout Groups.

Note: LinkedIn Personal Profiles will start counting toward your profile allotment.

You can use both publishing functionality and Sprout's Publishing calendar to manage your personal LinkedIn profile posts. 

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How do I connect a LinkedIn personal profile?

You must have the Manage Profiles Company Permissions to add a LinkedIn personal profile. To connect a personal profile:


  1. Ensure you're logged into the LinkedIn personal profile you want to connect.
  2. Click Connect a Profile from your username.
  3. Select the Group you want to add the profile to from the In Group dropdown.
  4. Click Connect for LinkedIn. 
  5. Click Connect Profile for Step 1.
  6. Click Go to LinkedIn and finish the authorization steps.

What are the permissions I can set for personal profiles?

When you connect a LinkedIn personal profile to Sprout, you can assign Roles and team members with custom permissions to the profile. 

For Advanced Plans:

To add a Role and assign Custom Permissions:

Note: You must have Manage Permissions & Manage Users to assign permissions for personal LinkedIn profiles.


  1. Navigate to Groups & Social Profiles from your Settings.
  2. Select the Group you want to add a Role to.
  3. Select the personal LinkedIn profile by clicking the menu, and then View Profile.
  4. Navigate through the available Roles, and then select the dropdown.
  5. Click the level of Profile Permissions you want to assign to the Role.
  6. Scroll down to Team Members.
  7. Enter the name of the Team Member you want to assign permissions for.
  8. Select the level of Profile Permissions you want to give the user from the dropdown.
  9. Click Save Changes.

For Professional Plans:

Set Profile Permissions when you invite new users to a Group and you can adjust these permissions at any time with the Manage Permissions Company Permission. 


The Profile Permissions are broken down as follows:

  • No Access - the user can’t see the profile when they access Sprout.
  • Read Only - the user can see the profile, but can’t publish to it.
  • Needs Approval - the user can see the profile and submit posts for approval.
  • Can Reply - the user can see the profile, request approval and reply.
  • Full Publishing - the user can see the profile, publish and reply without restrictions. 

What publishing features are available for LinkedIn personal profiles?

You can use Compose to post to your LinkedIn personal profile. To schedule a post to your LinkedIn personal profile:


  1. Click Screen_Shot_2022-06-07_at_2.10.13_PM.png to open Compose.
  2. Choose your personal profile from the Profile Picker.
  3. Enter any text you want to include in your post. 
  4. Add media for the post:
    • Use the Asset Library to add approved images, videos and text assets to stay on brand
  5. (Optional) Toggle This is a Draft on if you're creating a Draft post.
  6. Apply any relevant publishing workflows. Using a workflow is a great practice to ensure your personal content is an accurate reflection of your company's brand.
    • Use the Approval Workflow dropdown to select who needs to approve your post content.
  7. Choose your Sprout Tags (for Professional and Advanced plans):
    • (Optional) - Enter the name of any applicable labels.
    • (Optional) - Enter the name of any campaigns the post is a part of.
  8. Choose when to post:
    • Select Immediately, Auto schedule with Sprout Queue or Specific Days & Times. You can use Optimal Send Times for your personal posts, too.
  9. Click Submit or Send. The post is sent for review.  

You can also see your scheduled posts in the Publishing Calendar. Your personal posts in the Publishing Calendar ensure there's a clear picture of the long-term strategy.


To see your posts, navigate to Publishing and select your personal profile from the Profiles dropdown.

What functionality isn't available for LinkedIn personal profiles?

It's important to be aware of the following limitations:

  • LinkedIn personal profiles connected in Personal Mode don't have access to the publishing features.
  • LinkedIn personal profile posts aren't available in reporting.
  • LinkedIn personal profile comments aren't available in the Smart Inbox.


If the user who originally connected their personal profile is removed from the Sprout account and no one was granted permissions to that profile, what happens?

The Account Owner has access to remove the personal profile from the Sprout account. 



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