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Why is my Instagram profile disconnected in Sprout?

Instagram profiles require reauthorization every 90 days. An Instagram Profile can also become disconnected from Sprout if the login information has been shared between too many devices. This is due to security measures put into place by Instagram. To remedy this, reauthorize the profile if it becomes disconnected and be mindful of how frequently you share login information with your team members. 

Learn how to reconnect your Instagram profile with this how-to.

I'm still experiencing issues trying to connect my Instagram profile in Sprout. What do I do?

Use these troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing issues when attempting to connect an Instagram Business Profile to Sprout. You can jump to any of the steps by clicking the following links.

1. Is Your Instagram Converted to a Business Profile. 
2. Do You Have Admin Status on the Facebook Page?
3. Is Your Instagram Connected to the Correct Facebook Page?
4. Is Your Facebook Business Integration Set Up for this Profile?

1. Is Your Instagram Converted to a Business Profile? 

First, verify that your profile is a Business Profile on Instagram. You can confirm this in the Instagram mobile application by going to your profile and tapping Edit Profile. Business Profiles have a section titled Business Information.


2. Do You Have Admin Status on the Facebook Page?

In order to connect an Instagram Business Profile or a Facebook Page to Sprout, you need admin status. To check this, you can go to the associated Facebook Page and click Settings. Next, click Page Roles.


Your role must appear as an Admin, not Editor or Analyst. If you don’t see an Admin status, contact an Admin for assistance.

3. Is Your Instagram Connected to the Correct Facebook Page?

For this setting, you must check the Instagram mobile application again. While the setting may show as connected on Facebook, verify the connection from Instagram’s mobile application specifically.

To do this, go to your profile in the Instagram mobile app and tap Edit Profile. Tap the Page in the Business Information section. Confirm that the correct Facebook Page is selected.


If the correct Facebook Page isn't showing, using Facebook's mobile application, log into the same Facebook personal profile through which you have Admin access on the Facebook Page.

If the correct Page is not connected, click on the correct Page and then click Done.

Note: If you experience a Page Already Owned or Confirm Connection error when switching Pages, confirm that you also have Admin status on the Facebook Business Manager account (on the same Facebook personal profile which has Admin access on the Facebook Page). Permission settings in Business Manager are separate from permissions in a Facebook Page. You can confirm that you have Admin status on the Business Manager account by going to Business Manager > Settings > Users > People > and then confirm that you have a Shield icon next to your name.


If you don't have Business Manager Admin status, a Business Manager Admin needs to switch to the correct Page. Once they’ve taken that step, you can connect the profile in Sprout as expected. 

4. Is Your Facebook Business Integration Set Up for this Profile?

If the previous settings are correct and you still can't connect, check your Facebook Business Integration settings. To update the setting and allow Sprout access to your Instagram Business Profile, remove Sprout Social’s integration from Facebook.


This won't delete your profiles from Sprout, though it will require them to be reauthorized. Do not select the "Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook that Sprout Social may have published on your behalf" box, as this deletes any prior posts.

Go back to your Sprout account and follow the steps to update your Instagram Business Profile, which should now show as an option to connect. This reauthorizes Sprout so that you can post to Facebook and Instagram across all of your profiles.

If you see a red triangle icon next to your bell icon in the top right corner of your screen , click the bell icon > Issues > the profile > Reconnect. Otherwise, your Instagram profile should be connected as a business in Sprout.

How do I convert my Instagram to a Business Profile?

Before performing any of the steps below, ensure you are already logged into the Facebook account that has admin access to the Facebook Page you plan to associate with your Instagram Business Profile.

  1. Using the Instagram mobile application, go to your profile and tap the Instagram_Lines.png at the upper-right corner of the display.
  2. Tap Instagram_Gear.png to visit Settings.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Select Business, in the Which Best Describes You modal.
  6. Make the category selection for your profile.
  7. Fill out your contact details. 
  8. Select the Facebook Page you'd like to connect to your new Instagram Business Profile. You might also have the option to Create a New Facebook Page. You must connect a Facebook Page to your Instagram Business Profile in order to connect it to Sprout.
  9. You're all set!

Note: You need admin access to a Facebook Page in order to associate it with an Instagram Business Profile. 


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