How do I connect my Instagram profile to Sprout?

Before connecting your Instagram profile to Sprout, read this overview to determine which kind of profile you want to connect. While you can connect either a Personal or Business profile, Sprout offers more functionality for Instagram Business profiles.

Note: Instagram profiles count against your profile limit in Sprout.

This article includes the following sections:

How do I connect a Personal profile?

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Connect a Profile.
  2. Click Instagram, then select Personal Profile.
  3. Click Go to Instagram to complete the connection process.ig-connection.gif

How do I connect a Business profile?

In order to connect a Business profile, you will need to convert your Personal profile. Once you have successfully finished converting your profile in Instagram, you need to go to Sprout Social to connect your Instagram Profile in Sprout as a Business Profile. There is one workflow for this process, whether you are connecting a Business Profile for the first time or it was previously connected to Sprout as a Personal Profile.

  1. In Sprout, navigate to Account and settings > Connect a Profile. You must have Admin or Editor access to the Facebook Page associated with the Instagram Business Profile.
  2. Click Instagram, then select Business Profile.
  3. Confirm that you have completed the steps for converting your Instagram account to a Business Profile. If you have completed these steps, select Yes, all set.
  4. On the next page, click Go to Facebook.
  5. Select the Instagram Business Profiles that you want to add to your Sprout account and then click Next.
  6. Assuming you are authenticated for the profile you want to connect, your profile is added and you return to the Manage Profile modal in Sprout to complete the process. Once you've selected the desired options in this modal, click Done.

Note: In order to successfully connect an Instagram Business Profile that was previously connected to Sprout as a Personal Profile, you must be in a group which contains the Instagram profile that you want reconnected.

How do I confirm my Business profile is connected?

There are two ways to confirm an Instagram Business Profile was correctly connected to Sprout.

  1. First, go to Account and settingsSettings > Groups & Social Profiles and find your Instagram profiles listed under All Profiles. Any successfully connected business profile lists “Instagram Business Profile” next to the profile name.


2. The second way to determine successful connection is by opening Compose and selecting an Instagram Business Profile from the Profile Picker. The Choose Publisher icon Choose_Publisher.png will be grayed out, meaning that choosing a publisher is not required.


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