How do I use different modes for the Smart Inbox?

You can use Split Pane Mode and Conversation View settings in the Smart Inbox to respond to your incoming messages, view message history and see user profiles in a side-by-side layout.

Split Pane Mode shows all messages in your different inboxes side-by-side, where Conversation View groups all private messages together within the same conversation. 

Note: Sprout recommends a minimum screen width of 1650 pixels when using these modes.

You can combine and use modes in any of your Inbox Views (including custom views), with the exception of the Private Inbox View, in the following ways:

  • Split Pane: Off, Conversation View: Off - this is the traditional view of messages in the Smart Inbox.
  • Split Pane: Off, Conversation View: On - this presents all private messages grouped together from the same sender, but no view of the split pane
  • Split Pane: On, Conversation View: Off - this presents all messages in the split pane, but doesn't group private conversations together
  • Split Pane: On, Conversation View: On - this presents all messages in the split pane, and groups private conversations together

This article contains the following sections:

How do I turn on the different modes?

To toggle on the different modes in the Smart Inbox:

  1. Navigate to the Smart Inbox.
  2. Click the three-dot overflow menu Screen_Shot_2022-04-27_at_1.59.20_PM.pngat the top of the page.
  3. Select Split pane mode or Conversation View or both.


How do I work within Split Pane Mode?

Once you’ve enabled Split Pane Mode, you can view the Inbox in a side-by-side view.

To open the side-by-side view, either:

  • Click the reply icon on a message.


  • Or, click the user profile.


To view the user’s profile while in Split Pane Mode, click Show profile.


Select Hide profile to close the user’s profile.


To close the side-by-side view, click the Screen_Shot_2022-04-27_at_4.37.21_PM.png Close button.

How do I work within Conversation View?

Once you've enable Split Pane Mode and Conversation View, you can view your selected inbox with the side-by-side panel and see your private conversations grouped together with a blue bubble icon.


Click View Thread to view the messages or click on the grouped conversation to open it.


How do I optimize my screen space?

If you're working on a smaller screen, you may find it useful to optimize your screen space while using these modes. Sprout automatically hides the secondary navigation on the left for you when you enable Split Pane Mode.

If you enabled one of the modes and then chose the Fixed option for the secondary navigation, use the following steps:

To hide the left navigation menu, click Hide. The menu opens automatically when you hover over the arrow icon.


For more vertical space, you can hide any filters by clicking Filters.


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