WhatsApp FAQs

What can I do with WhatsApp in Sprout?

You can:

  • Send and receive text messages to users who have a message in the Smart Inbox
  • Send and receive image messages in the Smart Inbox
  • Send text-based message templates
  • Receive document, audio, video, contact and location messages
  • See WhatsApp activity in Inbox reports

What are the current limitations of using WhatsApp in Sprout?

Currently, you're unable to:

  • Send and receive messages to users who have no chat history with you in Sprout
  • Send document, audio, contact, location and video messages
  • Use media-based message templates
  • Use interactive message templates
  • Send and receive interactive messages including reply buttons, list, single and multi-product messages
  • Use stickers and sticker packs
  • See user change notifications
  • Setup chatbots

I don't see the option to add WhatsApp to Sprout. Why?

Make sure to check that you have Manage Profiles in your Personal Settings. If you have Manage Profiles, verify if you have admin permissions in Meta Business Manager. Only admins can add WhatsApp to Sprout.

My phone number won't work in Sprout. Why?

You must use a new phone number that hasn't previously been used for WhatsApp. Additionally, make sure that you're not using an 800 number or a number linked to an IVR. 

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