What is the pricing model for WhatsApp?

Before you connect your WABA, make sure to review the following pricing information:

  • Each WhatsApp phone number connected to Sprout gets counted as a profile. This counts towards your profile limit.
  • You get 1,000 free WhatsApp conversations per month.
    • A conversation includes all messages delivered in a 24 hour session. See The 24-hour rule for more details.
    • Any conversation started via call-to-actions buttons on Ads that Click to WhatsApp or Facebook Page call-to-action buttons will be free. The first conversation that starts from these entry points is free, then subsequent conversations with the user are charged.
      • Note: Standard pricing applies for Ads that Click to WhatsApp. The conversation that initiates from the ad is free, but not the ad itself.
    • Sprout charges as low as $100 per every 1,000 conversations over the free limit as a flat rate. This rate can be higher depending on the specifics of your WhatsApp usage. Contact your Sales partner for more information.

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