What is the People View?

The People View in Sprout helps you discover and organize profiles that engage with your brand or profiles you discovered via Brand Keywords. Think of the People View as a space that acts as your contacts database from the Smart Inbox. This view ensures that you have a way to authentically interact with the people behind the profiles that interact the most with your brand.

This view is a great way to help foster connections with influencers, manage your VIP Lists and view conversation history with a profile.

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What permissions do I need to see and use the People View?

You must have Manage Advanced Inbox Features to add and edit VIP Lists and People must be toggled ON in your Settings.

What can I do with the People View?

You can:

  • Filter profiles by different criteria including brand profile sources, follower count and VIP Lists
  • View profiles within a specific VIP List
  • Add and remove profiles from a VIP List
  • Open conversation history with a specific profile
  • Create a Custom View

Note: If you can’t view certain profile information in the Smart Inbox, you won’t see that profile information in the People View either. Additionally, you can’t start new messages with profiles from the People View if that profile hasn’t already messaged your brand first. 


How do I use the People View?

You can use the People View to search for a specific profile, filter your list of profiles and manage your VIP Lists.


To search:

  1. Navigate to the People View tab on the left-hand side of Sprout. 
  2. Enter in a keyword in the search bar. You can search by profile keywords, profile names, social profiles or bio information.

  3. Review your results.

To filter:

  1. Navigate to the People View.
  2. From the filter menu, select the following:
    • Source - Choose the social profiles that you want to view user profiles for. Note that only user profiles that have interacted with the social profiles you select are visible.

    • Follower Count - Select an option listed under the follower min or max count or enter your own custom range. Only profiles with a follower count within the range you specify appear.

    • VIP List - Select the VIP Lists to see which profiles belong to lists you’ve created.

To manage your VIP Lists:

  1. Hover over a profile in the People View to see all the VIP Lists a profile belongs to. 
  2. Click Add or Edit to see a dropdown with all of your VIP Lists.

  3. Select the VIP Lists you want to add the profile to. Deselect a VIP List to remove the profile from it.
  4. (Optional) Click Add to new VIP List to create a VIP List on the fly.

How do I create an Inbox View for People?

You can create a new Inbox View and select sources, a follower range and a VIP List to save an Inbox View for particular groupings of profiles. Learn more about Inbox Views with this article.




Are private profiles visible in the People View?

No, private profiles don’t appear in the People View because Sprout doesn’t have access to any identifiable information about the profile. If you’re looking for a particular message from a private profile, search in the Smart Inbox instead.

Can I DM a profile from the People View?

You can send a DM from the People View only if you already have an open DM conversation with a profile.

Why is my VIP List showing no people but I see profiles in VIP List settings?

This is because the VIPs on that List haven't engaged directly with the brand.

What networks are supported in the People View?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

Why do only some Instagram profiles have follower counts?

Due to API limitations, Sprout can only provide follower count data for profiles that have DM'ed your owned profiles. When you use the Follower Count filter, the profiles appear when the minimum is set to 0 or left empty.

Why am I not seeing any LinkedIn profiles in my search results?

Due to compliance restrictions from LinkedIn, Sprout can't allow search capabilities for browsing LinkedIn profiles.

Why am I seeing a profile if I have no history with them?

The People View pulls in all profiles that appear in the Smart Inbox via interactions with your brand's profiles and profiles picked up from Brand Keywords. 

Do Facebook pages appear in the People View?

Yes, the People View pulls in any profile or page that comes into the Smart Inbox, so long as there is identifiable information like a name or profile is attached to the profile or page.


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