How do I connect a social profile to Sprout?

Anyone with the Manage profiles permission can connect a social profile to Sprout.

You must be an admin for a Facebook, Instagram Business or a Super admin for a LinkedIn Company Page in order to connect it. Learn more about troubleshooting Facebook and Instagram connection issues by reading our article.

To connect a profile:

  1. Navigate to  Account and settings > Connect a Profile. Or you can connect by a profile by clicking + Connect a profile from Groups & Social Profiles in Settings.
  2. Select the Group the profile belongs to from the In Group dropdown.
  3. Click Connect for the profile you want to add. There may be additional configuration steps based on the profile you choose.
  4. Click the Go To button in the lower right corner of the Connect a Profile screen. You are sent to the corresponding social profile's site.
  5. Follow the prompts to authorize the profile and connect it to Sprout.

#SproutTip: Be sure to log out of your personal profiles on networks like Twitter or Instagram before attempting to add your company's profiles for those networks, so you don't accidentally connect your own profiles to Sprout.

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