How can I use Instagram Reels in Sprout?

You can respond to comments left on Reels, see Sent Posts in the Month and List View of the Publishing Calendar and indirectly post Reels to your Instagram Business Accounts through Sprout.

How do I post a Reel to Instagram with Sprout?

You can post Reels to your Instagram Business Profiles using Compose. Keep in mind the following specs before you post:

  • Allowed file extensions: .MP4 or .MOV

  • Allowed Frame Rate: 23-60 FPS

  • Allowed Duration: 3 seconds - 15 minutes

  • Allowed File Size: up to 1 GB

  • Allowed horizontal pixels: 1920p

  • Allowed maximum bitrate: 5Mbps

  • Allowed aspect ratio: 0.01:1-10:1 (9:16 recommended)

    • Note that if your Reel doesn't have an aspect ratio of 9:16 or isn't between 5-60 seconds it won't appear in the Global Reels view in Instagram.

To post a Reel:

  1. Click Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_9.04.47_AM.png to open Compose.
  2. Select the Instagram Business Profiles you want to post to from the Profile Picker.
  3. Enter any text you want to appear with your Reel.
  4. Click Screen_Shot_2022-07-13_at_9.28.01_AM.png and then click Upload Video, or choose from Bynder, Canva, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  5. You can use the arrows to select your thumbnail from a video frame.
    To upload your own image to use as a thumbnail, click on the pencil icon and select Upload thumbnail or Add thumbnail from Asset Library.
  6. Select Reel from the Publish video as section in the Instagram Options.
  7. (Optional) Select Share Reel to your profile feed if you want the Reel to appear in both your grid and the Reels tab for your profile.
  8. Complete your post by adding any First Comments, Post Links or Tags.
  9. Select a time and day to post your Reel.
  10. Click Submit or Schedule.

You can also use the mobile publishing workflow to send reminders to your Mobile Publisher to post Reel content that contains sound from Instagram's sound library. They won't actually post a Reel using Sprout's mobile app.

In this scenario:

  1. Schedule your Reel media via Compose and set your Mobile Publisher. The Publisher then gets a reminder on their mobile device when it's time to post the Reel.
  2. The Publisher logs into Instagram and selects Reel as their post type.
  3. The Publisher selects the media downloaded to their device, and completes posting from the app. 

How do I respond to comments on my Instagram Reels?

Comments left on your Instagram Reels appear in the Smart Inbox. While there isn't a separate filter in the Filter Menu for Reels specifically, Reels appear as any other Instagram post and you can use the existing filters to see messages. 

In the Smart Inbox, a Reel label appears for comments left on Reels.


How can I view Reels in the Publishing Calendar?

Reels appear as Sent Posts on the List and Month views of the Publishing Calendar. When you post a Reel from your Instagram Business profile, or using the Sprout mobile app (in the section above), once the Reel is posted, it appears on the Publishing Calendar.


Instagram Reels FAQs

Can I add trending sounds or audio from Instagram to my Reel?

No. This is an API limitation from Instagram currently. Sprout recommends creating the Reel on Instagram and downloading it to a location you can access to upload via Sprout.

Why doesn't the Reel video appear in the Smart Inbox or the Publishing Calendar?

If your Reel media isn't showing in Sprout, this is typically due to Instagram's copyright violation review. This means that you're using music or other copyrighted content and Sprout can't pull in the content from Instagram.

How far back can I see Reels comments?

From July 12, Sprout automatically backfills about 10 days worth of Instagram Reel comments.

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