Advanced Plan: How do I create user roles?

If you are an Advanced Plan member, you can create custom user roles to quickly add permissions that are specific to the features your Sprout users need access to, rather than applying permissions to users at an individual level.

If you’re not on the Advanced Plan, see this article instead

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User role FAQs

All of my user roles are set to custom. What does that mean?

Custom just means that your previous Company and Feature permissions are still applicable to the Team Member or user. Once you create your first user role, you’ll see it appear in the Role dropdown, and you can change it from there.

What permission do I need to create roles?

Manage Permissions & Manage Users

What plan do I need for user roles?


I see a role but can’t apply it to a user or modify it, why?

The role you’re viewing contains permissions higher than your level of access. In order to apply or modify the role, you need the appropriate profile or feature permissions. Get in touch with your Sprout Account Owner to discuss.

I sent an invite to a new Sprout user, how do I apply a role or update their permissions?

To do this:

  1. Navigate to Roles & Team Members.
  2. Search for the user under the Team Members section. 
  3. Click Custom in the role drop down for custom permissions.
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit their level of access. 

If you want to assign them a role, choose the appropriate role in the role dropdown. You can confirm the role details by clicking the eye icon and clicking View Role Details.

Who can create Custom User Roles?

Users with Manage Profiles on the Advanced Plan can manage Roles & Team Member permissions.

How do I create custom user roles?

First, verify that you have the Manage Profiles & Manage Users permission by checking your settings. If you have this permission, then: 

  1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
  2. Click Role & Team Members under Account.
  3. Click Create new role in the upper-right corner. The Add New Role popup appears.
  4. Enter the following:
  • Name - provide a descriptive name for the role, like Publisher.
  • Description - enter a description for the role so other users understand the permissions at a glance.
  • Select the Company Permissions you want to enable/disable for the role. 
  • Select the Feature Permissions you want to enable/disable for the role.
  • Select the Group Access you want this role to have.
  • Add the Profile Permissions you want this role to have.
  • Click Create New Role.
  • Note: In this view, deselecting a Group removes users and roles from the Groups you deselect.


    To apply the role to users:

    1. Navigate to Account and settings > Settings.
    2. Click Role & Team Members under Account.
    3. Scroll down to the Team Members section on the page.

    4. Search for or select the Team Member whose permissions you want to update from the list.
    5. Select the role from the dropdown. 

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