Scheduling and Sending Listening Insights

This feature is only available for Social Listening customers.

You can export Listening Insights to a PDF to share data with your stakeholders. You can share your PDF directly with an email address (regardless of whether the email address is associated with a Sprout Social account, download the PDF to your computer and schedule recurring PDF deliveries. 

Sending PDFs

You can send a PDF of your Listening Insights up to 25 recipients at a time. This is a one-time export that is sent directly to the email addresses you enter.

To send a PDF of your Insights, click Share in the upper-right corner of your Insights view, and then click Send PDF.


Enter up to 25 email addresses, and then click Send. The PDF is immediately sent to the recipients you added.

Scheduling PDFs

You can schedule recurring PDF deliveries for your Listening Insights. You can deliver these PDFs on a weekly or monthly basis. This is a great way to keep tabs on and monitor the conversation around your Listening Topics.

Note: This feature is only available for Advanced + Professional Plans.

To schedule a PDF:

  1. Click Share in the upper-right corner of your Listening Insights.
  2. Click Schedule PDF. A popup appears.
  3. Enter the recipients’ email addresses and choose whether or not to send a copy to yourself.
  4. Choose how frequently you want PDFs delivered, either Weekly or Monthly.
  5. Enter an Export Name to quickly identify the Listening Insights export in the Manage Scheduled Delivery section in your Settings.
  6. Click Schedule.

The PDF is delivered to your recipients based on the frequency you chose.

You can make modifications to your scheduled delivery by navigating to the Manage scheduled delivery screen in your Reporting and Listening Settings.


You can also delete a scheduled delivery if you no longer need it. 

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