Uploading SRT files

You can add SubRip Subtitle Files (SRT) to your Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and X profiles using Compose in Sprout Social.

These files are plaintext files with time codes that indicate when a particular subtitle should appear alongside a video.

Using Compose, you can add up to four SRT files for Facebook and YouTube and a single SRT file for Twitter.

To upload an SRT file:

  1. Navigate to Compose in Sprout.
  2. Select the profile you want to upload a video to from the Profile Picker. Choose Facebook, YouTube or X.
  3. Click Screen_Shot_2020-10-20_at_8.34.52_AM.png and then select Upload Video or click Screen_Shot_2020-10-20_at_8.35.33_AM.png to upload a video from your Asset Library. The video preview window appears in Compose.
  4. (Optional) Enter a video title.
  5. Select a language and locale for the SRT files you want to upload.
  6. Click Choose File to upload your SRT file to match the language you selected.
  7. (Optional) Click Upload another language file.
  8. Schedule your post. You see CC on the video preview in your Publishing Calendar for scheduled posts, letting you know that your SRT files were added. 


How many different language files can I add per video post?
You can add up to four different language files for Facebook and YouTube, and one language file for X. LinkedIn currently only supports one language file in their API.

My video post was successful, but I don’t see captions on my video. Why are they missing?
Facebook and X require that you set a language that matches that of the video’s captions before you can see the option to display captions.

How will I know if there was an error or issue with processing my subtitle file(s)?
If an SRT file has errors for X, that post will fail, resulting in a failed post email and notification. If the SRT files have errors during upload for a YouTube or Facebook post, the post may not fail, but Sprout will send an email noting that the file failed.

Natively, Facebook requires a file naming convention for SRT files. Is this required when uploading SRT files to Sprout for Facebook?
No. As long as you select the appropriate language/locale option from the dropdown menu, Sprout will properly format the file for any of our supported networks.

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