Dropbox Integration

Sprout Social partnered with Dropbox to make social media planning even easier. You can add Dropbox images and videos to your posts directly from Compose on Sprout’s web and mobile apps—making content creation to delivery a direct path. Rather than trying to find the correct media to share from different platforms, apps and communication channels, you can access all the latest and greatest approved content in one place.

Adding images and videos to a message

You can add your images and videos from your Dropbox account directly to your messages in Compose. To add media from Dropbox:

Note: If your team enabled single sign-on, you might need to log into Dropbox from a separate browser tab before completing this process.

  1. Open Compose in Sprout.
  2. Select the networks you want to post to from the Profile Picker.
  3. Enter the text of your message.
  4. Click Screen_Shot_2020-09-04_at_9.55.08_AM.png.
  5. Click Dropbox.
  6. Click Upload Image or Upload Video. A popup appears.
  7. Log in with your Dropbox credentials and select your media. 

Your Dropbox media gets added to your message and you're ready to post.

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