How do I add alt text to my images?

For Facebook, X and LinkedIn messages you can add descriptive (alt) text when publishing images so audiences with vision disabilities can access your content. 

To add descriptive (alt) text to an image:

  1. Navigate to Compose.
  2. Select the X, Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile you want to publish a message to.
  3. Add the image you want to include along with your message.
  4. Click Screen_Shot_2020-07-14_at_9.32.57_AM.png for the image you attached.
  5. Click Add Descriptive Text. The Edit Descriptive Text popup opens.
  6. Enter a description of the image, up to 1000 characters for Twitter and Facebook and 256 characters for LinkedIn.
  7. Click Save. An alt text indicator appears on the post on your Publishing Calendar.


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