X Pro Media Integration

Sprout Social integrates with the X Pro Media API so you can use your enhanced media privileges directly in Sprout. When you select your X profile in Compose, you can see which profiles can leverage the advanced functionality.


Rather than publishing directly on X or X's Media Studio, you can publish through Sprout with added functionality.

With this integration, you can upload longer videos and customize your video metadata, including the title of the video and a custom thumbnail to publish. You can publish videos up to 1 GB and 10 minutes long. 

To publish a video using the X Pro Media Integration:

  1. Navigate to Publishing in Sprout.
  2. Click image1.png to open the Compose window.
  3. Select your X profiles, add text and attach your desired video.
  4. Enter the video title in the textbox to the right of the video thumbnail.
    Note: Due to changes in the X API, you're temporarily unable to add titles to your X Pro Media videos.
  5. Click the arrows underneath the thumbnail to browse for a generated thumbnail and then select your desired thumbnail OR click image3.png on the top-right corner of the current thumbnail to upload your own.

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