Custom Integration

Sprout offers an integration with If you have a custom domain, you can use it when adding links to posts that you're creating in Compose or when responding to your customers from the Smart Inbox. This will enable you to shorten any link using branded links, instead of a generic link.

How to Connect to Sprout

To connect your account to Sprout, click Account and settings > SettingsAccount Settings.  Scroll down so that you can see the Settings by Group listing. 


Click Connect for any group where you want to use your custom account. This initiates the process to authorize Sprout for access to your account.

Note: You must have either a Basic or Enterprise account in order to use your account in Sprout. A free account cannot be connected to Sprout. FAQ

Why is giving the same URL each time I shorten a link?

If you shorten a link to a site on Sprout more than once, the shortened link is the same both times (this is why adding a string like ?campaign1 at the end of the URL can be helpful). 

If you shorten a link in Sprout and the same link on the website (or by using the bookmark extension), the shortened URLs will are different and you get different click data.

Why do the links I shortened using Sprout look like links in Twitter?

Every link turns into on Twitter. Sprout can still track the original clicks, but the link may look like a in other platforms.

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