Profile Performance Report Changes

The Profile Performance Report, formerly known as the Group Report, provides a high-level aggregation of analytics so you can get a pulse on the performance of your social profiles. With this report, you can view Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn metrics to better understand the impacts of your social efforts.


In addition to the new name, this report also features an updated layout, metrics to better align with your goals and a CSV data export to include profile-level data. You can include up to 50 columns in the CSV data export to see the most granular data by day, network or profile. 

In-App Updates

Additional tooltips are available in the Profile Performance Report. These tooltips for cross-network metrics include the definition, network availability and a Learn More link to reference the Report Glossary for additional information. 

Metric Updates

The following metrics have been updated to hone in on the data that’s most important across your profiles:



Group Activity Overview

Cross-Network Performance Summary provides your key profile performance metrics for the reporting period including impressions, engagements and post link clicks.

Group Audience Growth

Cross-Network Audience Growth shows how your audience grew during the reporting period. The columns now show percent change of followers added in the reporting period.

Group Message Volumes

Cross-Network Message Volume shows the sent message metrics and message types across your profiles. For more information about added message metrics, see Sent & Received Message Metrics.

Group Impressions

Cross-Network Impressions shows how your content was seen across networks during the reporting period.

Group Engagement

Cross-Network Engagement shows how people are engaging with your posts during the reporting period.

Profiles Table

Published Posts replaces Messages Sent to focus on the outbound posts that drive impressions and engagements.

Engagement Rate replaces per Message Sent metrics to provide cleaner data about the outbound posts that drive impressions and engagements.

These metrics include:

  • Profile
    • Audience
    • Net Audience Growth
    • Published Posts
    • Impressions
    • Engagements
    • Engagement Rate (per Impression)

Sent & Received Message Metrics

Diving deeper into sent and received message metrics can help you uncover granular details about the different message types across your profiles.

The Sent Message Metrics now include:

  • Twitter Sent Messages
    • Tweets
    • Retweets with Comment
    • @Replies
    • Direct Messages
  • Facebook Sent Messages
    • Ad Posts
    • Comments
    • Ad Comments
    • Private Messages
  • Instagram Sent Messages
    • Comments
    • Ad Comments
  • LinkedIn Sent Messages
    • Comments
  • Pinterest Sent Posts
    • Pins
    • Saves

The Received Messages Metrics now include:

  • Twitter Received Messages
    • Retweets
    • Retweets with Comments
    • New Comments
    • New Followers
  • Facebook Received Messages
    • Comments now sourced from the Smart Inbox
    • Ad Comments
  • Instagram Received Messages
    • Comments now sourced from the Smart Inbox
    • Ad Comments
    • Mentions
    • Media Tags
  • LinkedIn Received Comments
    • Comments sourced from the Smart Inbox

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