Instagram Creator Account FAQs

Instagram introduced Creator Account profiles as an option for public accounts. Converting to a Creator Account might affect your Sprout Social usage.

Who are these accounts for?
Instagram Creator profiles are primarily meant to serve influencers who are focused on building their own personal brands but require access to additional features to help them manage their accounts at scale.

How are Instagram Creator profiles different from personal profiles?
Creator profiles are unique from personal profiles because:

  • They have special access to creative tools
  • They have access to analytics that personal profiles do not
  • Creator profiles also get access to a priority inbox, where Instagram identifies messages they may want to respond to and surfaces those to the top

How are Instagram Creator profiles different from Business profiles?
Since Creator profiles serve influencers primarily, Creator profiles offer access to the tools influencers need to grow their communities and more effectively track creator follower growth and engagement over time, without all the implications of a Business account.

What if my Instagram Creator profile does not have an associated Facebook Page? Can I still connect it to Sprout?

Yes, you can connect an Instagram Creator profile that doesn't have an associated Facebook Page to Sprout via the personal profile connection flow. Note that this doesn’t allow you to have full Sprout functionality.

Is it an API requirement that the Creator profile needs a FB Page associated?

No, this is a Sprout limitation. 

Are there any differences in Sprout between Creator profiles and Business profiles?

Creator profiles can't directly publish Stories and need to use the mobile publishing workflow instead.

I converted to a Creator Account and now my posts won’t publish. What can I do?
In order to resolve any connection or publishing issues, we recommend switching back to an Instagram Business profile within the Instagram app.

You can do this by going through the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your account and tap Instagram_Lines.PNG
  2. Tap Instagram_Gear.PNG
  3. Tap Account
  4. Tap Switch to Business Account

The Instagram Business Tools migration dialogue walks you through the remaining steps.

Once you fully convert back, reconnect your profile to Sprout and try publishing again.

If you have any trouble converting your profile back to a Business profile, check out this helpful guide on connecting Instagram profiles to Sprout.

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